What materials are metal buttons generally made of?

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What materials are metal buttons generally made of?

Metal buttons are made of metal materials. The styles of metal buttons can be divided into metal snap buttons, high-grade snap buttons, I-shaped buttons, denim buttons, rivets, corner nails, corns, air eyes, and suture buttons. etc.

The shape design of metal buttons is different from pure art designs such as carving, sculpture, painting, etc. It includes shape, pattern, color, material, practicality, durability, producibility and craftsmanship of mass industrial production.

1. The geometric shape and three-dimensional shape of the shape

2. Partial shape. Due to producibility, manufacturability, safety and other factors, the most common shapes of metal buttons are circular, hexagonal, unequal sides, equilaterals, etc., and the most common three-dimensional shapes are spherical, hemispherical, Embossed shapes and other three-dimensional shapes. The most common part of metal button modeling is to shape individual and all local details on the basis of shape modeling, such as adding Arabic numerals, English letters, plane patterns, animals, portraits, flowers, registered trademarks and patterns, etc.

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