Introduction to the basic content of electric butterfly valves

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An electric butterfly valve is an important tool for industrial automation and process control. With the development of China's industry, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and it is more and more used in various social production fields of the electronics industry. When the electric butterfly valve cannot meet the operating requirements or run during use, in order to prevent accidents, it should be checked regularly. After a long time, it must be carefully repaired. Maintenance management usually includes the following main research topics:

1. Electric butterfly valve cleaning

Maintenance To remove the valve from the production line, it must be cleaned by immersing it in the process medium above all parts. in order to avoid the loss of personnel and equipment caused by certain corrosive liquids or other adverse effects. At the same time, the rust on the exposed parts of the system components should be removed.

2. Disassembly of the electric butterfly valve

All parts are used for inspection to determine the extent of maintenance and replacement. First of all, we should completely disassemble the electric actuator and electric butterfly valve. When disassembling, the precision machined surfaces of the valve core, valve seat, valve stem, push rod, sleeve, and other parts must be protected to prevent damage and minimize maintenance costs. The seat should be disassembled with a special tool.

3. The throttle valve body sealing surface, valve body surface, and valve seat surface have little wear and corrosion. It is also possible to use the general machinery of the enterprise for machining, grinding, and repairing. If the damage is severe, new parts must be replaced. When repairing, the coaxiality of the valve core and valve seat should be ensured; if the sealing surface of the valve stem is damaged, only new parts can be replaced if the damage to the push rod guide and sealing surface is present. The reaction actuator must be replaced with new parts. As an electric actuator, proper repairs are still possible.

4. Replacement of wearing parts

Main wearing parts of an electric butterfly valve: packing ring, O-ring, gasket, diaphragm, etc. During each maintenance, the removed packing, O-ring, and gasket should be replaced with new ones. After the diaphragm is removed, students need to check whether there are any cracks or signs of aging and wear that indicate that the company may not have ruptured, and then decide whether to replace it according to the actual situation.

5. Assembly and commissioning

During assembly, the different parts of the part positioning, guides, and threads should be connected together. A part should be properly greased to facilitate the student's next inspection and disassembly. Special attention should also be paid to the coaxiality of the push rod, valve core parts, and valve seat in the whole machine. After the installation and commissioning of the electric butterfly valve are completed, it must pass the standard factory building test project before continuing to be installed and specified.

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