Pouring technique for producing silica sol investment cast iron

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The use of silica sol investment casting can effectively promote the metal material of the four-column hydraulic press to fill the die, copy the shape of the die, improve casting precision, and prevent venting and insufficient pouring defects. The mold shell is placed in the working towerless tank for casting under the pressure of silica sol precision casting. When used, the tank will be filled with high-pressure gas or inert gas to pressurize the casting and expand its density. 

If intermittent hot forced casting is used, it is a casting method that is commonly used throughout the silica sol casting application process. When using the timing crystal of silica sol precision casting, some investment castings, such as magnetic tiles and turbine blades, can have their working performance greatly improved if their crystal structure is a columnar crystal arranged in the required trend. As a result, silica sol precision casting timing crystal technology has advanced rapidly.

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